Sell with Confidence
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Georgia Kiel believes in making the most of life. Born into a farming life in Mildura,
Georgia has achieved a Bachelor of Business from The International College of
Management, enjoyed a previous career as a flight attendant, and accrued wide-ranging
property management experience in several major markets. So when she says she has
found her chosen home and workplace in Melbourne’s property industry, it’s safe to say
that her decision is based on broad experience and deep self-knowledge.

Endlessly positive and immensely amenable, Georgia makes a habit of saying ‘yes’
more often – both to experiences in her own life… and to the owners of the properties
she manages. From managing commercial properties in Darwin, to overseeing a diverse
range of homes in Melbourne’s blue-chip residential inner suburbs, Georgia’s work and
life have been characterised by an ability to seek out challenges and conquer them.

Always focused on the best outcome for her clients, Georgia’s positive approach
translates into great relationships with renters, a pro-active maintenance schedule, and
an ability to find the best way to head off issues before they become problems. In fact,
Georgia says the only time that ‘no’ has a place in her world is in her no-nonsense
personality. Committed to maintaining strong boundaries between Renter and Rental
provider, Georgia’s honest and transparent style guarantees a straightforward solution –
from the smallest maintenance issue, to the largest leasing tangle.

As an experienced renter with an aspiration to one day becoming a Rental Provider,
Georgia’s positive approach is influenced by an ability to see issues from all sides.
“Beyond good maintenance, a pro-active approach to rental value, and a savvy
approach to leasing, successful property investment lies in selecting and keeping good
renters. An open and optimistic attitude safeguards the relationship between rental
provider and renter, and helps my clients keep their eyes on the prize – a well-kept, fussfree property with a 100% occupancy rate.”