Michael Horsfield

Business Development Manager

A consummate property professional with a talent for administration and an eye for detail, Michael Horsfield's wide experience of the business world extends from providing superannuation advice to investors, employers and financial advisors, to dealing with the minutiae of contracts as a Law Clerk, to building relationships in a Telstra joint-venture. There could be no better training ground for his current role, where he deals with clients of all types and at all levels of industry; from professional investors, to those making their first in-roads into the market.

With a thirst for information flamed by the highly regulated financial industry and an obsession for detail honed by his time in the legal world, Michael is administration-focused, super-organised and studious in every regard. "Understanding the rules and responsibilities guarantees we always hit deadlines, achieve budgets and, most importantly, remove stress," he says. "My role is to smooth the process and by doing so, add value to my clients' investments."

Expert in the conveyancing system, Michael's priority is to ensure his clients are well-informed. "Contracts and legal processes can be intimidating when you don't deal with them on a daily basis. I'm here to take care of the detail and interpret complex concepts and language," he says. "My aim is to help our clients achieve understanding and peace-of-mind. I do the heavy-lifting by taking care of the issues that can confound even the most experienced investor."

Born into a family of local legal practitioners specialising in property investment and conveyancing, Michael has been discussing real estate and investment over the dinner table since childhood….and building local knowledge since he was allowed out the front gate. As a true local, Michael understands why tenants choose to live here and how smart investors can maximise value here. He even went to the school that is now the first choice of so many locals  (Tucker Rd Primary) and still plays for the soccer team so many locals support (East Bentleigh Strikers).

"My knowledge of the area and the investment climate bring real benefit to my clients" says Michael. "From the fundamentals of investment, to the detail of contracts and the structure of a value-added portfolio, my clients receive the tailored service they need to grow. In fact, there's nothing more exciting than working with an investor as they grow from a one-off property, to a broader portfolio."