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Once you’ve spoken with Paul Hack you’ll never forget the experience. From a uniquely  musical ringtone, to the warmth of the welcome you’ll receive on answering, to the expert advice that will follow, any interaction with Paul is sure to be memorable. But there’s more that keeps Paul top-of-mind …many locals will remember Paul’s face from his years running his own highly successful, high-profile telecommunications business too.

It’s no surprise then, that this memorable agent has chosen to become part of the team at the area’s hardest working real estate business. With over two decades of sales experience and an even longer ‘career’ as a property investor and developer, Paul has gathered broad expertise and a wide network of friends, clients and business acquaintances.

This depth of experience and breadth of personal success is at the heart of the trust that Paul builds in family, friends and clients alike. Never one to hold back from sharing his opinions, Paul’s advice has proven invaluable to those who have asked for his secret to property success. “I feel privileged to often be asked for advice, and that’s a privilege I don’t take lightly,” says Paul. “I listen, I talk and I have an opinion. It mightn’t be what people want to hear, but I’ll say what needs to be said to help make the right decision.”

Building his own extensive portfolio has allowed Paul to create the life he wants; including enjoying a resort-lifestyle overseas and managing his property interests long-distance. “Over my property journey, I’ve been involved in more than 50 property transactions. Property investment has given me choices beyond my early dreams,” he says.“Buying, selling and building a strong portfolio provided me with real choices, as well as a very real insight into the support that vendors want and the motivation that buyers need.”

With his world travels finished (for now), Paul has happily returned to the world of local property. A strong presence in the local real estate landscape, Paul remains committed to creating a memorable experience. He works hard to ensure potential buyers leave every property with a positive memory. He works even harder still to give his vendors service they will never forget. Most importantly, he works hardest to ensure every sale ends with an unforgettable beyond-expectation selling price!